Plains States Zonal Forum of Narcotics Anonymous

On Line Recovery Meetings

Zoom Training to host on PSZFNA Accounts
2 file(s) 48 downloads
The power point for training to host a meeting on the PSZFNA Zoom Accounts.  Currently only the login in and resources sections are posted.  Check back for more sections.
Zoom Hand Raise
2 file(s) 61 downloads
A PDF and a Power Point  on how to raise your hand in zoom on each kind of device.
Meeting Format
2 file(s) 84 downloads
This is the meeting format for the Plains States Zonal Forum Recovery Meetings.  It is provided in pdf and a Word document.
1 file(s) 199 downloads
This is a pdf of all the readings for a recovery meeting.
Key Tags
1 file(s) 303 downloads
This is a pdf file with all the key tags.