Plains States Zonal Forum of Narcotics Anonymous

History of the Plains States Zone

Formation Meeting @ SMRCNA Kansas City, Missouri

September 23, 1995

<H5>Formation Meeting @ SMRCNA Kansas City, Missouri

Eight members attended from Show-Me, Mid-America, and Iowa Regions. It was decided to keep the structure very informal and various topics were discussed.

Mid-America Region commits to the Plains States

September 23, 1995

<H4>Mid-America Region commits to the Plains States

The Mid America Region is the first region to commit to be a part of Plains States Zonal Forum.

Iowa Region commits to the Plains States

November 20, 1995

<H4>Iowa Region commits to the Plains States

The Iowa Region committed to be a part of Plains States Zonal Forum.

Plains States Zone meets at WSC 96

May 1, 1996

<H4> Plains States Zone meets at WSC 96

The Plains States Zonal Forum met at WSC ’96 and through networking we had South Dakota, Nebraska and OK Regions attending along with Mid-America, Iowa, and Show-Me. At this point Show-Me had participated with the Southern Zone for the past two years and liked the format. Colorado had also felt Plains States would be a better fit but later decided to stay with Western States Zone. At this meeting structure was discussed, how often should we meet, etc. Since WSC was an annual event, three meetings per year was agreed upon, one focusing on the CAR, one at WSC, and one in the fall focusing on local issues

CAR Workshop Sioux City, IA

March 1, 1997

<h4>CAR Workshop Sioux City, IA

The CAR workshop March 1st, 1997 in Sioux City was the first structured stand alone meeting of the Plains States Zonal Forum. It also was the first to have World Services attend. During this time at the beginning of the meeting someone would volunteer to facilitate and another to take notes, we had no elected servants.

Full Day of Workshops

October 18, 1997

<H4>Full Day of Workshops

The fall workshop/meeting was held in Oklahoma City October 18th and 19th, 1997 and was the first to have a full day schedule of workshops on Saturday. It also had world service participation even though it wasn’t a CAR workshop.

First Elected Trusted Servant

April 29, 1998

<h4>First Elected Trusted Servant

April 1998 we chose to add our first elected officer and Tim S. was voted in as Treasurer/Secretary. This was the first formal activity of structure.

Checking Account Established.

October 3, 1998

<h4>Checking Account Established.

The October ’98 meeting was held in conjunction with Best Little Region Convention, which once again distracted from that event. We did get some things accomplished, like deciding to open a checking account in McPherson with Tim S. (Mid-America) and Charlotte S. (Iowa) as signers, and the following statement was adopted: “If for any reason this zonal forum should cease and desist all monies and merchandise pertaining to said zonal forum will be liquidated and passed on to world services after all debts are paid.” A purpose statement was also established, which was a quote taken from the 1992 MDF report describing what zonal forums are.